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Poor Kids Laughing

Our Work

SPIRIT of Santa Paula serves the community in a variety of ways.

SPIRIT of Santa Paula is a non-profit public charity, 501c3, formed in 2002 by six local business people to do "good things" for our Community.  Little did we know finding a homeless man dead in one of our churches on Christmas Eve 2008 would launch us in a direction we never dreamed.

Showers & Partnerships

One Stop-Whole Person Care

Showers, Breakfast, Lunch, Healthcare 

is a collaboration with Spirit of Santa Paula, El Buen Pastor Church at 1029 E Santa Paula St, Santa Paula, Fridays from 9 am to Noon and
 Ventura County Health Care Agency, including Health Care for the Homeless and Whole Person Care Programs and Las Islas Mobile Health Unit. This program supports basic hygiene and connects homeless individuals with services helping their long-term stability including mental health and alcohol and drug programs, benefits programs.

Rental & Utility Assistance

Aiding community members at risk of homelessness with rental assistance and utility payments.

Pastoral Visits

SPIRIT provides counseling and neighborhood mediation for all ages.
We work with parolees in Homeless Court and in a re-entry program and provide pastoral visits to jail.

Food Distribution


in Cooperation with the

State of California CalRecycle Program & Waste Free Ventura County. 
Every commercial food service organization throws away food every day. If you have a connection with any food service organization such as school cafeterias, restaurants, catering services, food distributors, grocery stores, please put us in touch. We have commercial refrigerators, freezers and trucks, and know how to handle food safely.  We also receive donations from FOOD Share for distribution at our Food Pantries and have USDA food distributions weekly.

CLICK HERE for a list of food distribution sites and times.

Support Our Work

Your support can come through volunteering and/or donating. Spirit doesn’t charge for any of our services, Food Pantries or Many Meals so we do need and appreciate your support.

Many Meals
(currently ON HOLD
due to COVID-19)

A gathering hub for service providers. Serving 600 meals each Wednesday evening at First Presbyterian Church

(121 Davis St, Santa Paula, 5 to 6 pm). Schools on Wheels, Mental Health with clinicians on site, Public Health (screenings, mammograms, TB testing, education on hydrating). 

Homeless Services

HARVARD Homeless Year-Round Emergency Shelter & Resource Center/

Street Outreach

1498 E. Harvard Blvd., Santa Paula. We provide shelter for families and individuals who are homeless. Our HMIS Case Management Staff enter our Guests into HUD's HOMELESS MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM

so we can begin the process of searching for housing and services. They can also have a meal and can allow our Staff and County social workers and mental health clinicians help them make a plan.

CLICK HERE for a list of shelters in Ventura County

Family Support

Every day, someone finds us who needs rental or utility bill assistance, a baby crib, a car seat, new glasses, the co-payment for a prescription, food to get them by, a bed for aging parent, clothes and shoes, a bus ticket to the doctor, a meal, a cup of water, a refrigerator, blankets or household items.  

At-Risk Kids

We help parents with at-risk kids, sponsored outreach programs for

Kids in the Park,

the Police Clergy Council,

and 12-step efforts.

"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can." — John Wesley

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